Cariesia, The Adventures Of Captain White Tooth is an interactive app that teaches children to brush their teeth in a fun and creative way! 

By joining Captain White Tooth and his crew on their quests, children will quickly learn about the importance of oral hygiene.  In no time at all, children will be running to the bathroom when the parrot sounds to fend off the Cavity Pirates of Cariesia!

Our Product

Through the app’s games and movie clips, children learn to brush their teeth in a fun and informative way.  Children embark on a lifelong adventure, fighting against the Cavity Pirates while learning a necessary skill for a happy and healthy future. 

It is vitally important for every child to learn the basics of oral hygiene as those pesky Cavity Pirates will return every day, after each meal and snack. Nobody knows the importance of oral hygiene better than our very own hero, Captain White Tooth!

In the world of Cariesia, children will learn the fun of brushing their teeth with educational games and exciting stories while joining Captain White Tooth and his crew on their quests!

Take a look at our animated sketch to get a feeling for the types of adventures to be had in Cariesia:

In a smart and accessible way, our concept combines benefit with enjoyment and creates a tool for easy use in everyday life. A tool which will provide the necessary knowledge and skills to children that will aid in their overall health, throughout their lives.

The entire adventure in the app has customizable features with movies, games, puzzles and more! The Cariesia app is free-to-play for the user and generates revenue through ads. An ad-free upgrade and buy-in-app features are available to add more games, adventures and functions. 

In addition to preventing parents from nagging their children, we want to help balance the inequality in children’s oral hygiene between different class groups and socio-economic standings in our society. Brushing your teeth is something that should be obvious and necessary to everyone around the globe, but there are major differences in the dental health of children in various socio-economic groups in both Sweden and around the globe. In the poorest of families, toothbrushes are often shared, some children even brush their teeth with sticks and clay in Third World countries, rather than proper toothbrushes and toothpaste - we believe in the right to your own toothbrush!

1, 2, 3 - The Idea!

Once the app is launched and established we will begin the “1, 2, 3 Campaign”. We are collaborating with a toothbrush manufacturer to set up branded products in stores and entice customers with a  “Buy 1 toothbrush, we will donate 2 toothbrushes to children in 3rd World Countries” campaign. This will leave consumers with a good feeling in their mouths and hearts every time they use their new toothbrush!

We will be working to create informative campaigns in areas of the world with inferior oral hygiene practices and provide financial support to organizations such as Dentists Without Borders and other established aid organizations focused on children’s dental health.

Our brand will develop a great reputation which will result in increased market shares and revenues that we can reinvest into our campaigns to help around the world. Our vision has no limits!


With an audience all around the world, we are now looking for investors to launch our app internationally. 

The characters are created and the scripts for both movies and games have been written, together with all the educational features that we have developed. We are ready for the next step, the only thing missing is you!  

A Win-Win World

One of the unifying characteristics of everyone in the world is that we all have teeth and we should all be caring for those teeth daily! Take one look at any pharmacy or grocery store and you will see that children’s oral hygiene is a booming industry. 

Our international target market is families with children, two years of age or older, that have at least one smartphone or tablet in the household. 

We are looking for investors to launch our app on the global market. 

Initially, investing globally creates opportunities for revenue from ads and products during the early phases. This revenue will be used for further investment in development, marketing and new market shares.

The app is free for users to download and will generate revenue through ads. An ad-free upgrade and buy-in-app features are available for more games, adventures and functions, generating even more revenue while children progress and the parents discover the benefits of using the app.

Everything is ready to launch! The characters are created, and the scripts have been written, together with all the educational features that we have developed. Now, we are looking for investors interested in providing capital to make our vision come to life.

Funds will be used to hire the best game developers to produce the app and to meet the necessary requirements for education, design and function. 

Do you want to join our fight against the Cavity Pirates of Cariesia? 

Email us to set up a meeting! 




With your help, we will implement targeted campaigns to reduce the inequality in children’s oral hygiene between different socio-economic groups within Sweden and around the globe!

Help Us Help Others

With your contribution to the app “Cariesia, The Adventures Of Captain White Tooth” can be produced for the Swedish market. You will be assisting parents by providing a tool for children to learn proper oral hygiene in a way that they enjoy!  You will also be involved in generating funds for local campaigns to bridge the gap in children’s dental health between different class groups and socio-economic standings in our society.

With the launch of the Swedish app, we will make targeted campaigns in public spaces such as civic offices, child welfare centres, and throughout the media. The ads will be aimed at families with children in areas of low socio-economic status where signs of poor dental care can be seen. 

If you or your company are interested in getting involved, please contact us for more information regarding sponsorship!

About Us

We want to do good.

The creators of “Cariesia, The Adventures Of Captain White Tooth” Annika and Tony Danielsson, have had long careers in teaching, advertising and marketing, respectively. Since the 1990s, Annika has been working in advertisement, marketing and communication as a graphic designer, almost exclusively for government authorities, unions and financial businesses. Tony is a former teacher with an education in teaching children with special needs. For the past twenty years, he has been freelancing in the advertising industry. 

“Cariesia, The Adventures Of Captain White Tooth” is near and dear to the hearts of this couple, as the story started as a fairytale for Tony to teach his own children about the importance of brushing their teeth!  Over the years, these stories developed into the concept now packaged into this app.

Before the app, Captain White Tooth evolved from fairytales with Tony and his three children into a physical educational tool with books, movies, and informative toys. Life got in the way, and the concept was put aside until Tony met Annika in 2014. This now-married couple have together reopened the world of Cariesia and converted the contents into this app. By converting to digital reality and dropping the physical toys, Captain White Tooth can now reach a larger target market and a higher production scale while being substantially more environmentally friendly. 

“We are driven to use our knowledge to contribute to the creation of a better future. We have put everything aside and dedicated ourselves to this concept “Cariesia, The Adventures Of Captain White Tooth” owned by our company Commonication AB”

Tap here to see Annika and Tony with their friends from the world of Cariesia!


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